Village Raiders

Spring sprang across Akanbar as eggs hatched, flowers bloomed and armoured raiders descended upon Monadh-Dach. Velcar, captain of the gatehouse, called out, enlisting the aid of threre Elysians- Anthea, Larana and Venturi. Word had been sent from Captain Nysa’s spies that the southern desert village of Lymr had plans to send raiders to Monadh-Dach with the goal of pillage and killing.

At once, the three Elysians set out for Monadh-Dach, meeting up with a village elder that told them of the news and gave them wood for barricades. Despite the elder’s offer for help, the Elysians, proud in their might, decided to single-handedly defend the city. Barricades were built and the three Elysians became five as Celkin and Yulia joined the cause. Waves of raiders descended upon Monadh-Dach, each wave seemingly more deadly than the last, but they were no match for the Elysians, who swiftly dispensed with them.

Without a single casualty on the Elysian side, the city of Monadh-Dach was once again safe, though the villages are still in turmoil, feuding with one another, no doubt fueled by the recently military clashes. While Monadh-Dach is safe for now, one thing is sure- cities should check on their loyal villages, lest they fall to foreign raiders.

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