Akanbar is home to three distinct cities, each located in distant corners of the continent from each other.
Elysium, the city of honour and justice lies in the southwest edge on an island near the Bay of Bardain. There, citizens train to protect the lands from demonic forces while following the ideals set by Lord Aten, God of the Sun, founder of the city.

Towering over the southeast lands, on the opposite end of the Bay of Bardain, is Golgonath, home to those who aren’t restrained by such foolish ideals as Elysium. More likely to cut their neighbor’s throat than try to help, should it earn them coin, the citizens work as a terrifying force hellbent upon ravaging the land with demons.

Neither good nor bad, Ysallyra is nested in the northern forests, choosing to abstain from the battle between Elysium and Golgonath, instead working toward their own goals, most of which remain secrets from those outside the city.

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