The beginning…

Karakus, the Great Dragon; in his time he had seen the birth and death of many worlds. He had borne witness to the rise and fall of beings known as Gods. He had even sometimes been the cause. He was searching…

Karakus had always desired to create the perfect world. A world of wonder, mystery and magic. A world in which mortals could rise to heights never seen before.

At last he found what he was looking for, a focal point in space where the arcane forces of the universe merge and amplify themselves. He began by drawing upon these arcane energies, moulding and shaping them into a barren world.

Now it was time. Karakus uttered a mighty challenge to the Universe and waited.

After a time, the challenge was answered by the entity known as Zycandos, a being of immense power and might. A creator. Karakus was pleased for he had observed many times before the power and skill of Zycandos.

Under the gaze of Zycandos the earth began to transform. First came the mountains and valleys, followed by great clouds filled with water. Once the clouds could hold no more, Zycandos let forth the waters, violent thunderstorms rocked the land for what to mortal eyes would seem like an eternity, creating rivers, lakes and finally the mighty oceans of the land.

There was moisture in the earth now, enough to sustain a modicum of life. Next, under the gentle encouragement of Zycandos, trees began to grow over the planet, grass spread over the still barren plains. Lastly, Zycandos gifted the land with the seed of magic. The circle of life was complete.

Next Zycandos was charged with bringing about the creation of the animals of the forests and of the seas and of the plains. This was the final stage before the introduction of humanoid races. In the meanwhile, Karakus busied himself with dragons, winged serpents created in his own image, born of blood and magic.

The World of Akanbar was ready.

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