Zycandos and Karakus, the creators of Akanbar, divided the world into three Realms and soon after appointed three divinities, one to watch over each realm.

Aten, to take Dominion over the Sun, Archion to preside over the Shadows and Bralnok, to rule over the Underworld, the Realm of Demons.

Over time, more deities will emerge in Akanbar as players excel above all others and through direct appointment by the Creators.

The remaining pantheon, while always growing, is currently:

  • Anath, Goddess of the Wilds
  • Aten, God of the Sun
  • Archion, the Shadow
  • Bralnok, Lord of the Underworld
  • Erebus, God of the Forests
  • Ilessa, Goddess of Twilight
  • Jaethor, God of Enlightenment
  • Karakus, Great Dragon of Akanbar
  • Leanora, Goddess of Light
  • Laurisiel, Goddess of Stars
  • Nakarym, God of Dominion
  • Rezaktal, Serpent of the Underworld
  • Sekea, Goddess of Dreams
  • Xyrath, God of Damnation
  • Zycandos, God of Creation
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