Age of Dragons

Civilisations continued to develop under the tutelage of their divine masters. The small cities grew into vast capitals that dominated the horizons. Mankind’s hunger for knowledge seemed endless. They were learning to control not only the physical arts, but also the elemental and arcane magics of Akanbar.

As the abilities of Man grew, they formed groups in which teach and learn new skills from others. Over time these organisations expanded and gained increasing influence. This was the seed from which the illustrious guilds would come into being.

The people of Elysium focused their efforts on ensuring that a balanced range of skills were studied. From the battle skills of the Knights to the commanding of the elements by Storm Wardens who quickly became aware that they could even use their skills to aid in the harvests.

All around Golgonath trees were being felled in their thousands and carried off to fuel the burning flames at the heart of the city. From here came rumours of demonic and dark spirit summoning. There was talk of human sacrifices, of dead men walking the earth and even horrific joinings between man and demon.

From Ysallyra, there was little news. The children of the shadows were still keeping to themselves as far as the rest of the world was concerned. Though surely they would not leave the destruction of the forests go unchecked for long.

Finally the Imperial Dragons were unleashed onto the world. Karakus was overjoyed as his children took to the skies over Akanbar. They had grown well beyond his expectations. A few had even survived since the days of creation, immensely powerful both physically and magically.

Throughout the world they scattered, coming together only to breed. Some took to the mountains and the forests, some burrowed deep underground to build their lairs. Curiosity drove them to approach the creations of the realm gods. Several of the Dragons found friendship with the humans and together they shared much of their accumulated knowledge.

However, as the curiosity of the Dragons was satiated, their true nature became more apparent. Destructive and greedy. Gradually they turned upon mankind, killing for both food and sport, it did not matter which to the Dragons, for mankind was inferior.

The Dragons revelled in the conflict, working together for the first time in a war that was nothing short of genocide. The dragons feared not the Realm of Shadows nor the mighty demons that were sent against them. They burned the forests, they burned the villages and in turn they set upon destroying the great cities.

Zycandos watched these events with deep concern. The Imperial Dragons had not come from the arcane magics of Akanbar. Left unchecked they would firstly wipe out mankind and then in turn destroy the magics of Akanbar itself. Zycandos approached Karakus who was seemingly oblivious to the plight of man and the world alike. He showed to Karakus images of Akanbar’s future as it would be if all the Dragons remained.

With great sorrow Karakus set about banishing his children from the world, sparing only those who were friends of man. Some managed to escape by fleeing deep into the bowels of the earth where they lay dormant still. Where the dragons went, only the Creators knew. Only time will tell if they will ever return to the land of Akanbar. Perhaps, next time, mankind will be ready.

The humans, for their part, could only wonder at the fate of the Dragons. In testimony to the resilience of their race they began to rebuild their homes and cities that were consumed during what soon came to be called the Dragon Wars.

Haunted by how weak they were in face of the dragons, mankind sought to harness and control even greater magics, so that should the Imperial Dragons ever return, they would be ready.

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