Attack on Elysium

A seed peddler cried out to the realm, “Help! Somebody help!” but at first, no one came.

After a short wait, Patriarch Demandred arrived to answer the merchant’s desperate pleas. At the peddler’s request, he sought out the roc that stole a prized possession of the merchant- a strange seed. Despite Golgonath being the savior of the man and Elysium resisting an enticing rescue mission at first, an Elysian novice that showed up moments prior to Demandred’s victory was rewarded the unique seed, whereas Demandred was left with gratitude and barely enough coin to buy a meal. Surely Demandred would feel cheated and angered by this… were it not for the peddler speaking in his ear, passing on Enal’s- The destroyer of Bugia’s- regards.

The Elysian planted the seed in the island in the Lake of Stars, against the current proconsul’s instructions. At first, all was calm; a harmless sapling sprouted up from the ground. As months turned to a year, the sapling became more noticeable , its roots spreading beneath the lake and upturning Vilconda street, home of Elysium’s most wealthy aristocrats. When the tree reached the peak of its life, its leaves began to fall, covering Elysium.

Citizens turned to their patron, Lord Jaethor, for guidance, but he was oblivious to the problem. When bringing up questions about trees on islands and grey leaves scattered across the city, Lord Jaethor nonchalantly responded that trees appeared every year.

The leaves turned to ash and soon disappeared. Unbeknownst to the citizens, the leaves scattered the tree’s influence all over Elysium. Soon, large vines and folliage took the leaves’ places, blocking paths and darkening areas. The harbor came to a standstill as ships got stuck in seaweed and vines. Mestonia Park overflowed with plants, causing citizens to have to fight to walk through.

After much pleading, Shelandra led Lord Jaethor to the island, where only then did he observe the shroud that had been cast upon him. Lord Nakarym, using the opportunity provided by Enal’s malicious tree, had used his powers to shield the tree and its effects from Lord Jaethor’s eyes. Angered, Lord Jaethor shouted out to Lord Nakarym, vowing justice for the evil deed. Shelandra and Allisandre set out to cut down the vines and shrubs which grew from the tree while Lord Jaethor took the fight to Golgonath.

Volcanos erupted at Lord Jaethor’s command, lava flowing through the streets of Golgonath. The southeast entrance to Golgonath became blocked off by molten lava, Lord Nakarym’s beloved flowers soon following. It was then that Shelandra and Allisandre finished destroying the accursed foliage, enabling Lord Jaethor to strike down the tree, ending its malignant existence.

While Enal’s influence was destroyed within Elysium and Lord Jaethor fended off Lord Nakarym’s interference, the latter only succeeded in angering the God of Dominion further.

Seeing the state Elysium was left in, its streets torn asunder and its citizens demoralized, Shanira, sole survivor of the monastery massacre, took up residence in Elysium, accepting the kindness of villages she once helped and constructed a new monastery to raise a new generation of Monks, this time under the banner of Elysium.

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