Akanbar is home to fifteen different guilds, hosted across the three different cities. Almost every guild has a unique set of skills which can be used for everything from combat, to day to day life, to crafting.  The only exceptions to this are the Merchants/Crafters/Traders who share a large pool of skills from which they can mix and match trades to suit their desired lifestyle. This allows players to play vastly different roles in any city, ranging from a holy Templar vowing to defeat evil to a bloodthirsty Forsaken who can control the minds of enemies. While some guilds may be stronger in some areas than others they will usually balance this with benefits in other areas, and overall each city will be balanced in strength as a whole.

The guilds in Elysium are:
Merchants, Monks, RunesmithsStorm WardensTemplars

The guilds in Ysallyra are:
Assassins, Conjurers, Shadow WarriorsShamen, & Traders

The guilds in Golgonath are:
Black Legion, CraftersDemonologists, Forsaken & Pyromancers

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