Anath, the Raven

In the month of Holifra, 233 years since man was first created in Akanbar, a new deity has arisen from the shadow of Silent Malos. All welcome, Anath, the Raven.

For those who missed her arrival, below is a record of the days events.


Your hear a distant rumbling.

From the great northern oceans, a mighty breeze begins to gust through the forest of Ysallyra. It rushes through the trees, creating unrest, and then swirls its way across the vast continent of Akanbar. You catch the scent of the distant forest as the breeze sweeps past you.

With a thunderous rush, the birds of Ysallyra lift as one from the trees. Obviously having been startled by something, but what has unsettled andstirred them from their rest is unclear.

The breezes swirling across the land gain momentum, you feel them rushing past you, surrounding you before heading back towards Ysallyra, and the winds seem to leave a faint trace of voices in their wake.

Rising now, distinguished from the winds, you hear the whispers of a thousand ancient voices. Gathering and gaining in strength and volume, thenear-deafening murmurs rumble across the land from some source within the forest of Ysallyra.

All at once, the voices stop. The leaves of the forest rustle, almost as if taking a breath. Finally, a primordial and resonant voice booms, “It is time.”

An eerie calm descends upon the forest. Every beast and bird remains hushed, and even the winds become still.

“Malos” the voice continues. “We have watched you silently from the shadows since the days of your youth. We have seen your actions, and know of your deeds. Come now, and meet your fate!”

All at once the heavens darken, and bright lights dance across the expanse of the northern horizon. As mystical forces mingle and mix, the lights coalesce and transform into hues of blue, red and green.

From the depths of Ysallyra, a silvery, ethereal light emerges, radiating and illuminating the forest. Jets of light spill through the boughs, swirling and streaming, until finally, all becomes dark once more.

In a final breath, the primeval voice concludes, “It is done! Hear ye all of Akanbar! Malos now sleeps, as we and she have become one in Anath, the Raven”

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