The Great Hunt of 403

Once again becoming the focus of attention, the Colosseum, led by Edros, held another Great Hunt. Each city claimed a golden ring, located in the arena of the Colosseum and spent half a year’s (one week’s) time gathering as many corpses as they could. Heralding from Golgonath, Malic, Tempus and Roeshak worked tirelessly to secure first place, though up until the last minute, Elysium nipped at their heels. Representing Elysium, Shelandra, Ilshara and Vulcan spent days upon days gathering corpses, though not enough to result in their victory. For the first six months, no representative from Ysallyra dare participate, but in the last three days a young novice by the name of Tuuli proved to be the boldest warrior among them, helping to gather several hundred corpses.

The final count for each city was:
1st place: Golgonath with 13338
2nd place: Elysium with 12237
3rd place: Ysallyra with 454

Each corpse put into a participant’s city’s ring would earn that city two points. If the participant placed the corpse in another city’s ring, however, it would deduct one point from that city’s count. Due to Ysallyra’s negligence, however, it was more beneficial to contribute corpses to your own city’s ring.

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