Capture the Flag

Today marked the hosting of the first Capture the Flag tournament in Akanbar, a hectic event with people from all over Akanbar competing side by side in their bids to hold the flags.

In the first round, the blue team of Blux, Zion, Miri and Draith faced off against the red team of Kiernan, Fleur, Twin and Calix. After an intense, but brief match, Zion succeeded in stealing away with the red flag, winning the tournament for the blue team. Shortly afterwards a second round was held, with the blue team now consisting of Blux, Miri and Twin and the red team of Kiernan, Fleur and Sharallin. Following a much longer contest, in which several attempts were made to seize the blue flag, Kiernan finally managed to wrest it away, carrying it safely back to the red base in the depths of the Sian Dorah, an act which led to the victory of his team.

Expect many more such tournaments in the future.

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