Of Sailing Ships and Sealing Wax

In recent developments, travellers from the city of Elysium were stranded in a Travanok establishment by the prevalent heavy rains. They found themselves sharing a table with a one-legged sea captain, who in turn shared his tale with them over a mug of ale. So enthralling were his accounts of adventure on the high seas, that the travellers found themselves drawn to follow in his footsteps. Learning the ways of the sea from him, they set about acquiring a ship of their own, and shortly were afloat.

In the course of exploring the coastline, they came across an inlet leading up to Baresh, an old outpost of Golgonath which was lost during the Dragon Wars. Now a town of piracy and slavery, Baresh is independent, but still open to alliance with its old masters.

Word of even more distant lands followed suit on the rediscovery of Baresh: hidden rivers, secret coves and even isles clear across the Great Western Ocean. These tales inspired many other adventurers, and before long a veritable armada of privately-owned sailing ships was quartering the high seas in the search for new places, new faces and, of course, new gold. What lands will be unearthed by our intrepid explorers? Keep an eye on the tides for the news!

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