Bugia’s Fall

Claiming cooperation from the Forest city to the North, a wandering stranger took to Bugia’s streets, armed with an army of forestal entities. The man, Enal, created a perimeter around Bugia of these entities as he began his magical ritual, which led to the demise of the shady village. Despite both Elysium and Golgonath uniting against such a terrifying foe, the two cities were unable to dent his defenses. While the two cities bickered among each other and threw themselves at Enal’s defenses, structures in Bugia began collapsing and the citizenry was slaughtered.

With an ounce of his sea of strength, Enal instructed mankind to take this time to enjoy their lavish lifestyle, enjoying the comfort of their cities while they could. Taking a nearby troublesome puppy as a trophy of Bugia’s downfall, Enal vanished once more, taking his army with him.

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