Borakash, the Mysterious Demonologist

Dreamed up by the daring minds of Dimetrius Val’akar and pursued by Patriarch Demandred, the forsaken set out, guided by a legend buried in time, to summon a great beast. Spending many months researching and composing a ritual, the city of Golgonath sacrificed a great many bodies in effort to push the boundaries of magic. Little did they know that they were the subject of another’s observation entirely.

A mysterious man stumbled upon the ritual, probing Golgonians, questioning about their ritual that they so intently were working upon. After being respectfully dismissed by Demandred, the man wandered off to work on his own research. Meanwhile, in the mines of Golgonath, the ritual had been executed, causing a tremor to run throughout the area, unearthing what seemed like an endless maze, deep beneath the surface of the city. Created by a creature later to be identified as long extinct, the tunnels ultimately led to the well-preserved corpse of said extinct creature. Some strange being, however, seemed to have found its way into the tunnels and feasted upon the corpse.

Demandred, flanked by a few other Golgonians, carried the eaten-away body back to the Forsaken’s cellar and began to pore over the corpse, studying it intently. The mysterious man from before made yet another appearance, this time picking the locks to the cellar to gain a glimpse of the creature in efforts to further his research. Borakash, as he called himself, explained to Dimetrius, and later Demandred, of his area of expertise- demonology. His curiosity had led him to Golgonath, where he was temporarily staying before setting out into the world once more. His experiment, it seems, had, a few months back, eaten away at the extinct creature’s flesh, though Borakash seemed barely phased by this ghastly disregard for scientific preservation, chalking it up to his experiment’s savage nature.

In exchange for a home and research facility, however, Borakash decided to assist Demandred in using the creature’s body to summon an even greater beast so as to ravage the streets of Elysium. Golgonath united as a mighty force to gather not just the commodities required for Borakash’s new research laboratory, but also a myriad of corpses and body parts from all over the world. Day and night, Borakash spent preparing the corpses for a ritual and, when the time came, such a ritual was held, infusing the long-dead corpse with demonic forces once more, a perversion of resurrection at its finest.

Salivating and snarling, the demonic beast stood by Borakash’s side, obeying its master’s every whim. Keeping up his side of the deal, Borakash and his demon set out toward the Bridge of Dawn. Perhaps due to Borakash’s orders or the demon’s savage tendencies, the beast strayed from its master’s side to ravage a nearby monastery, decimating it and killing most of its occupants in cold blood, truly an act of impiety on both the beast and master’s behalf. Finally reaching the bridge of dawn, the two made their move, mercilessly killing any Elysian they came across.

Murdering under the protection of Dimetrius and Demandred, the demon continued its assault, tearing Detahn limb from limb with its terrifying claws and powerful teeth. After a day’s struggle, however, Preceptor Detahn best the creature, slaying it in effort to protect the western city. Heads held high, however, Golgonath gathered in the center of Victory Square, no doubt a reflection on the common sentiment felt throughout the city. Borakash once more joined them, this time without his now-deceased creature, and explained his plans for the future, teaching the young and old of Golgonath of his power.

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