Disturbance in the Spirit Plane

Headaches, strange visions and inklings of something being off swept through Golgonath this past year, initially noticed by Malic, member of the Pyromancer guild. After a Pyromancer guard passing out in front of him, Master of Golgonath, Dimetrius, came to the realization that the strange afflictions were only affecting his previous guild, the Pyromancers.

An initiative, led by Viridiana and Dimetrius, began to track down the source of this catastrophe. Having spoken to the guild tutor, Zarkharnos, it was discovered the disturbance was none other than an anomaly in the Spirit Plane. The city of Golgonath spent months gathering the required materials to create a barrier to contain the spirit, uniting against a threat to the city.

When all the material had been gathered, they were sent off to Crafter Kargoth, who created a sturdy barrier to contain the excess energy so as not to destroy the Pyromancer’s Tower. Mistress Viridiana grabbed two nearby villagers, using their bodies as vessels to anchor the spirit to this plane. Once the ritual had commenced, the creature took form, but the magical energy was stronger than Zarkharnos had estimated. Almost immediately, Mistress Viridiana suggested sending the spirit away to Elysium where it was instantly attracted to the magical energy of the Storm Warden’s golden spire. Launching itself at the spire, the beast destroyed it within seconds, changing its focus to the local citizenry.

The creature has taken up home within the tower of the Storm Wardens, venturing away from the roof to kill the unfortunate citizens within.

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