Earthquake in Akanbar

A naturally occurring earthquake shook the land in Akanbar, causing people across the continent to stumble, shop stock to fall from shelves and caves to collapse. King Domhan gathered aid as the earthquake caused a cave-in of the lowest mines in Monadh-Dach, pleading for assistance to defeat the basilisk so that his men could safely dig out the miners. Days passed and the miners were safely rescued, save for one who perished in the cave-in.

Across the world, a group of villagers suffering under Bardain’s influence fled in the dead of night, acting on rumors spread from Monadh-Dach about a newly discovered island, accessible only through a tunnel near the Blood Scroll. Bardain heard of such rebellion and gathered Ysallyra to pursue the refugees. Ultimately, Bardain grew fed up with the Ysallyrans and outed them from his tent, though they left after proclaiming that they would assist the refugees, not harm them. Upon discovery of the island, the Ysallyrans quickly ran to the refugees aid, taking up arms against Lymr’s camp that Bardain sent after the refugees. Though they were unable to completely decimate the camp’s forces, they may be the refugees only hope for freedom from Bardain’s rule.

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